Hyper Tia

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Hyper Tia

Post by Tia on Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:58 pm

Also known as TeddyTia in the Chat Box


Alias ﭡפֿכֿוֹשּאּﺼﻌ
▬► Tia
▬► Teddy
▬► Cait
▬► Caitlin



As you can see from above my name is Tia. You can usually find me online when I am not busy with work, college or anything else that life might keep me preoccupied away from the computer. Most things you can learn about me simply by speaking to me. I was invited here by our good administrator Falconry. To respect as his friend and because I feel like it I am setting up permanent residence here. So everyone will eventually get use to the squatter Tia. I am usually pretty friendly even if I am in a bad mood I do not normally take it out on those who aren't at cause. If you are the cause then... I can not make promises but usually I keep pretty good tabs on anger. Usually you will just find my normal bubbly self. Anyways if you ever want to chat about lives up, lives down, tease me to no end or simply want to drop a simple hello I can be found hopefully in the chat box or simply drop me a PM. I make no promises on biting however if you do.

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Re: Hyper Tia

Post by Falconry on Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:10 pm

Welcome to Rainbow World Tia. I hope you enjoy your stay. ^^

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